FPU Updates Overview

For nearly 25 years, FPU has provided life-changing hope to everyone in all walks of life. And with every update to the course, we continue to do just that! We know you have questions about the recent updates. But don’t worry! You’ll find everything you need to know on this page!

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  • The first four video lessons have been updated to walk you through the 7 Baby Steps in order. You can see an outline of the updated lessons below.
  • The updated video lessons now include Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan
  • On August 1, 2019, FPU Lesson 9 will be updated to the "Outrageous Generosity." Coordinators can get a sneak peek of this updated lesson here!
  • Some of the video lessons were reshot in front of a live audience and some were shot direct-to-camera style. Plus, we’ve added stories of real people who are winning with money!  
  • There are new member and leader workbooks to help you follow along with the updated video content.
Take Me Back to the Top
  • Coordinators get exclusive pricing on FPU materials for their members! 
  • FPU is $129.99 on daveramsey.com, but as an FPU coordinator, you can purchase FPU materials for just $109 each in the Coordinator Store.
  • Your members also have the option to purchase their FPU materials themselves for $109 directly on your unique class link! 
  • Anyone who has ever purchased Financial Peace University can attend an in-person FPU group any time for free.
  • All members with active financialpeace.com accounts have access to the updated digital workbook online, as well. They can print it out for free to follow along with the updated videos. 
  • If you want to renew an expired financialpeace.com account, you won't have to pay full price again.
  • Returning FPU members can now have access to the updated FPU lessons in financialpeace.com and the updated workbook for just $19.99. Members may do this themselves by logging into financialpeace.com and choosing to renew with the monthly membership for $9.99 a month then purchasing an updated member workbook for only $10. Coordinators also have the ability to order the $19.99 option for their members directly from their advisors.
  • Returning members have the option between annual or monthly memberships to financialpeace.com. Expired members can renew online access after expiration at $99 for another 12 months or choose to renew with the monthly membership for $9.99 per month.
  • If members with an active financialpeace.com account would like the physical workbook, they can purchase an updated member workbook for only $10. To purchase an updated workbook for $10, members need to sign into their financialpeace.com account. This option is available at the bottom of the FPU lessons page.

FPU now includes the physical member workbook along with one-year access to a Financial Peace membership. The Financial Peace membership is an all-inclusive resource center that equips members with everything they need to stay on their journey to financial peace.  

Members enjoy access to these exclusive benefits:  

  • EveryDollar Plus – The world’s best budgeting app so that members can manage their monthly budget in real time with bank connectivity to track their transactions.  
  • Livestreams – Livestreams to our dynamic events so that they can enjoy these events from the comfort of their own homes.  
  • Community – Connect with others on the journey so that they can experience accountability, encouragement, and celebrate along the way.  
  • Coaching – Ask our trusted coaches your special questions so that they gain clarity on the next steps on their journey.  
  • Bonus Content – Smart Money Smart Kids and Legacy Journey so that they can leave a legacy and change their family tree.  
  • Digital Tools – Tools that work the plan with them so that they have visibility on where they need to go and direction on how to get there.  
  • Any new benefits we release that will enrich their journey.

LEADER UPGRADE - Any current FPU coordinator can download the updated leader guide for free on financialpeace.com! - If you purchased a leader membership in 2019, you might be eligible for free updated leader materials. Call your advisor for details. 

LEADER MEMBERSHIP (for new coordinators) $159, which includes: - Updated leader guide - Starter guide (previously called your promo pack) - Updated lesson DVDs - Access to the coordinator dashboard, with tools for managing your group, digital promotional resources, group snapshot, and more.

LEADER BUNDLE (for new coordinators) $199, which includes: - Everything included in the leader membership - Everything included in one of the annual FPU memberships for you to gift or sell to future group members (one-year access to financialpeace.com, one-year access to EveryDollar Plus, and one updated member workbook) 

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